TravelSupermarket Discount Codes May 2022

Looking for TravelSupermarket Discount Codes? Check out our latest deals, offers and promo codes below.

Heads up! Right now there's 3 discount codes and offers live for TravelSupermarket. These offers were last checked on 5/28/2022 and on average, customers saved over £6.64 with vouchernaut!

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Get your Travel Insurance with TravelSupermarket - Cover from as little as £5.74* at TravelSupermarket
Ends 31st December 2022 - in 7 months
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Find the best Hotel Deals with TravelSupermarket at TravelSupermarket
Ends 1st July 2024 - in 2 years
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Car Hire Deals at TravelSupermarket
Ends 16th August 2028 - in 6 years

How often do TravelSupermarket publish discount codes/promo codes?

TravelSupermarket normally publishes around 3 available throughout the month. The most recent discount code for TravelSupermarket was published this month, with new discount codes being added and searched daily by our expert team.

Does TravelSupermarket allow discounts such as Blue Light Card?

If you have a Blue Light Card, or work in the public services, such as the NHS, Police or the military then you are likely to be entitled to a discount at TravelSupermarket, however, we highly recommend that you check their most recent terms on this directly.

How long are TravelSupermarket discounts valid for?

Discount codes from TravelSupermarket vary in length depending on the sale or specific doe. Most often they’re for a restricted time period, so we recommend using them as quickly as they become available. Where possible, our team aims to publish the expiry date of a discount code so that you have this information available.

What payment methods can I use with TravelSupermarket?

TravelSupermarket accepts all major credit and debit card providers, such as Visa and Mastercard. We would advise checking the most up to date information, but we also understand that they accept Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods.

Does TravelSupermarket offer student discounts?

Student discount is normally accepted by most brands, however, we do often find that unless it is published above, the discount codes our team sources and shares will be the best codes available at this time.

Is it safe to shop online at TravelSupermarket?

Yes, it is safe to shop at TravelSupermarket. Vouchernaut ensures that every brand we publish has been verified by our team. We would always recommend checking the latest reviews though, to get the most up-to-date status of the brand and recent customer experience.

Can I use more than one discount code in a single order at TravelSupermarket?

No, TravelSupermarket only allows one discount code per order. The only exception to this is if you are using a gift card alongside a discount code that you have obtained.

How to use a Vouchernaut code on TravelSupermarket?

Using a Vouchernaut code over on TravelSupermarket has never been easier. The reason we say this is because there is no code over on TravelSupermarket! By simply clicking on one of our links, they should have all the details they need to apply for your promotion. Hopefully saving you even more money.

Who are TravelSupermarket?

TravelSupermarket is a well-known, highly used, and valued website that allows people to find the best prices and availability on all things holiday. Everybody loves holidays, but some people were getting curious about how much they were really being charged, and in some cases, overcharged.

Then came along TravelSupermarket, who started simply checking flight prices and showing them to the world. After 15 years, they’ve now invested time into their systems to allow for people to search across millions of service providers, looking for the best prices across all.

As they’re part of the Moneysupermarket Group, one of the biggest comparison companies around, they’ve been through everything you can imagine and have worked on their systems to ensure you only get the best deals.

How does it work?

Using TravelSupermarket is quite simple, and doesn’t take too long to use. When using TravelSupermarket, you should first search for the service that you want to use, whether it be a holiday, flight, hotel, or anything else on TravelSupermarket that you may want.

Once you complete your search and find the company/hotel that you want to book with, you will be shown the prices and availability before being taken to the company/hotel that you chose. No transactions should take place on TravelSupermarket.

You may have agreed to be contacted for further offers based on your searches, however, if you’ve not input any email addresses, or signed up for any information to be sent across to you, then you shouldn’t receive any of these communications. If you need to remove yourself from an email list from TravelSupermarket, you can do so by unsubscribing from the email or contacting TravelSupermarket directly.

What kind of services does TravelSupermarket offer?

TravelSupermarket offers a wide range of services to make your holiday booking process a lot more simple. On TravelSupermarket you are able to make searches for the best prices and availability across holidays all around the world, flights to any country, any hotels in any country or town, and have even adapted to new services such as car hire, travel insurance, and other extras when traveling such as airport booking and train passes.

What are the benefits of using TravelSupermarket?

A common question for people wanting to use TravelSupermarket often ask how they can help, and many people don’t see the benefits of this. TravelSupermarket is a price-comparison website, similar to MoneySupermarket, in fact, they’re owned by the same group.

TravelSupermarket will not only help you find the best prices but will also help you through the process. You may wonder why TravelSupermarket would ever do this because they are a company yet they’re helping you find the best prices. TravelSupermarket earns a small fee for helping you book a certain trip or destination, and so TravelSupermarket will help in any way they can as that’s how they earn their fees.

Whilst using TravelSupermarket, you will always be given the best prices for the following sectors. You will find the best price on holidays from all around the world, flights to any destination you can imagine, hotels from any and all countries.

TravelSupermarket also goes a step further to help you with your travel and can compare prices for car hire, travel insurance, and other travel extras such as airport parking, or excess insurance on your hired car.

All in all, using a comparison website like TravelSupermarket to book a holiday or travel can only be beneficial, as you are saving money and ensuring that you get the best price and the dates you want with extra bonuses and safety measures.

Are my details safe?

Yes. TravelSupermarket is part of the MoneySuperMarket group that has been trading and providing this service for over 15 years. Not only this, but all your data is taken off-site to company providers that only YOU can allow for. You have the option to change any communication that they may send you. No payment details should be exchanged on the TravelSupermarket website.

Do I need an account to use TravelSupermarket?

As a comparison website, TravelSupermarket will never ask you for any personal details. They will only ask you on what dates, and where you may be going to compare the prices for services you want.

Once you’ve found it, you will be redirected to another website, usually the website that you’ve found the deal on, and will have no history of your search. Your details are completely safe, but there is no account sign up needed to use their service, which is a great plus point for using TravelSupermarket.

Are holidays on TravelSuperMarket ATOL-protected?

Yes. You can book with confidence as all your holidays are ATOL-protected, meaning you can spend less time worrying about cancellations and more time looking forward to your holiday.

How can I contact TravelSupermarket for any issues?

Should you ever need to contact TravelSupermarket, they do have a sophisticated support team, as they are part of the MoneySupermarket group. TravelSupermarket’s dedicated support team come from all around the world, to help you in your journey, and can be contacted by one of these methods.

Should you wish to talk to a customer service staff member, you can give them a call both from the UK and outside the UK. If you want to have a text-based conversation, it may be best to use email to speak to them which you can also do.

Should you wish to post anything over to TravelSupermarket, you’re also able to send all posts to their customer services team, which can be found over on their website. You could also say hello on one of their several social media pages should you ever need to.